How to determine if your pet has allergies?

Watch their behaviour and symptoms - the most common behaviour and symptoms of allergies include itchy feet and ears, inflammation of the skin, persistent scratching, chewing of their paws and face rubbing. Some pets lose their hair and may experience rashes and skin infections.

Do a blood serum test - ask your veterinarian to do a blood serum test and send it out to be tested for a variety of allergens like trees, grasses and weed pollens, fungus (molds) and house dust mites that are specific to the region in which you live. This test can also determine if your pet is allergic to any foods such as beef, chicken, milk, soya, etc.

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 Phil Callahan


Questions about oral allergy treatment

What is oral allergy treatment?
Oral allergy treatment is a allergen prescription in a spray form to treat allergies. The prescription is made specifically for your pet based on their allergy test results or from a veterinarian's evaluation of your pet's symptoms and history of reactions to seasonally relevant outdoor and indoor allergies.

What are the advantages of an oral allergy treatment?

-There are no needles or injections, so stress and pain is eliminated from your

  pets' allergy treatment. 

-You save time by eliminating the need to visit your veterinarian for

  allergy injections.

-Treatment is a once-a-day personalized prescription spray which is

  easy to use, anywhere at any time.

-Over time your pet will build up a specific immune tolerance and will

  no longer be allergic. 

What are the possible side effects to treatment?
Side effects to oral allergy treatment are rare but could include: facial swelling, redness, itching and tingling of the mouth, excessive drooling, sneezing and panting. Usually a reduction in medication volume is all that is required to eliminate side effects.

AllerPaws is Safe, Effective and Easy to Use

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Test + Confirm


Your vet­eri­nar­ian will take blood serum and send it to us for analysis.



If you think your pet has an allergy, it is important to visit your veterinarian.

The AllerPaws treatment was like a miracle for my TyTy she has stopped chewing herself and her hair has started growing back. 



Based on the results, we create a custom allergen prescription for your pet.